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Huntsville Grotto of the National Speleological Society

What is the Classic 8 Award?

18 Aug 2022 5:34 PM | David Michal (Administrator)

The Classic 8 award is designed to promote proficiency in the 3-knot climbing system.

Descending and ascending 8 Alabama pit-caves on a 3-knot climbing system:

  1. All of which were more than 100 feet, single pitch
  2. Two of which were more than 200 feet, single pitch
  3. One of which was more than 400 feet (on rope) in depth
  4. Your climbing system must have three points of attachment and not include any mechanical device. Prusik or helical knots are acceptable. A quick attachment safety doesn’t count as a point of attachment - we encourage you to have a quick-attachment safety as part of your climbing system!
  5. Personally rigging at least one of these pit-caves
  6. Obeying reasonable safety and conservation practices
  7. Membership in the National Speleological Society

Classic 8 Award Application

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