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Huntsville Grotto of the National Speleological Society

Robby Chandler awarded Horizontal 12 and Vertical 8

14 Jul 2022 8:24 AM | David Michal (Administrator)

Robby Chandler was awarded the Horizontal 12 and Vertical 8 at the July grotto meeting. Congratulations Robby!

The requirement for the Horizontal Twelve Award is having traversed the major portion of twelve Alabama caves over one mile in length. There are numerous caves you can choose from to fulfill this requirement, as there are currently over 50 caves in Alabama that are over one mile in length. 

The requirements for the Vertical Eight Award are:

  • Any five Alabama pit caves, all of which are more than 100 foot single pitch (in other words, the pit must be at least 100 feet of total depth; two pits in the same cave that add up to 100 feet total do not count).
  • Two Alabama pit caves that are more than 200 feet single pitch.
  • One Alabama cave with more than 400 feet in total depth (multi-drop cave systems count for this depth requirement).
  • You must personally rig at least one of the pits.
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